Mergers and Acquisitions

From establishing the strategy of sale, merger or acquisition, to closing the transaction, Intercap walks you through the entire process by offering you the essential support to achieve your goals.

Preparation for a Business Transfer, Sale, Merger or Acquisition

This step allows entrepreneurs to prepare themselves on a personal level and prepare their business for a possible transfer, sale, merger or acquisition. Taking into account the evolution of the market, the current situation of the company and its future projections, this stage makes it possible to plan the organizational structure and the activities of the company, so as to reach the level of yield sought and obtain the targeted selling price.

Preparation of the Succession Process

Preparing for succession helps to plan for retirement while planning the future of the business. This initiative demonstrates the company’s potential for sustainability and keeps good terms with employees, customers and suppliers. Ideal for entrepreneurs who want to transfer their business to family members or key employees in the company.

Why consult a M&A professional?

Keep anonymity with a completely confidential process. No name or privileged information is disclosed before signing a non-disclosure agreement and obtaining the client’s consent before the marketing process.


Know the fair market value of a business, which will form the basis of any negotiation with potential buyers.


Supporting the sales process, this allows you to manage your business without getting sidetracked by the sale process. A marketing strategy is put in place by our professionals, to attract and select buyers and investors. A pre-selected list will be presented to you in order to obtain the best possible price for your company.


Supporting the acquisition process, we solicit target companies, and assist you in approaching and securing your targets, offering professional services in valuation, analysis and negotiations.


Access to our database of buyers, investors and private funds, these individuals and institutions are looking for opportunities to acquire or invest in different sectors. We establish a list of prospects that correspond to what the seller is looking for and who have the financial capacity and experience to carry out the company’s operations after the acquisition.


Supporting the negotiation process and the transaction execution, to avoid any conflicts between the parties, we will conduct the negotiations on behalf of our clients, within the pre-established parameters on valuation and deal terms.


Intercap Selling Process

  1. Analysis of the transaction
  2. Preparation of the selling strategy
  3. Preparation of the Confidential Information Memorandum
  4. Preparation of a valuation of the company
  5. Preparation of the potential buyers list
  6. Marketing the deal
  7. Negotiating on behalf of our client.
  8. Managing the due diligence process
  9. Executing the transaction

Intercap Acquisition Process

  1. Analysis of the Strategic Need.
  2. Preparation of an acquisition strategy
  3. Preparation of the list of potential sellers and solicitation of the target companies
  4. Business valuations
  5. Presentation of the Letter of Intent and Offers
  6. Negotiating on behalf of our client.
  7. Managing the due diligence process
  8. Executing the transaction
Rafik Dalala

Partner & Managing Director
Tarek Riad

Partner & Executive vice chairman
Nouran Essam

Investment Banking and Business Valuation analyst